JUSTADDMAYO’s story began in early 2004, when Paul Mayo, our founder partner, saw an opportunity to share winning recipes for growth & success with other Food and Drink businesses. We have a firm belief that our up to date industry wide experience and  expertise across  the Retail, Foodservice and B2B sectors when combined with our contacts would really help businesses grow.
Very soon it was more than “Just Add Mayo” and with a focused team of industry specialists became the JAM partnership.
Today, JAM continues to support many businesses with their commercial activities,  either on a retained basis or just for specific projects.  JAM team members also share their knowledge through a series of dedicated business workshops and mentoring programmes.
JAM loves Food & Drink business and the tasty world of hospitality.
JAM offers an a-la-carte menu of key business skills to suit all food and drink businesses looking for growth.
Do you want practical, understandable advice or maybe need an commercial account manager (or even a team), to cover a gap?  Perhaps you are looking at entering a new market sector and need a native guide. We can show you how to get new business – Just Add Mayo!
So why not get in touch, we love to help.
Please note:  JAM (Just Add Mayo LLP) are not agents or consultants working on a % commission.
We always work for our clients as part of their business team, in complete commercial confidence working to grow and assist their business.

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JAM hates the idea of secret recipes. Recipes are by nature derivative and meant to be shared – that is how they, and we, all improve, develop, and how new ideas and methods are formed.
Great dishes need first class ingredients blended with a degree of skill, knowledge and hopefully some wisdom added in for good measure…
…and of course, “practice makes perfect” 
which is why JAM excels in food & drink!

Individual Approach

No “off-the-shelf packages” for your business
Every JAM client project plan is tailored to their needs and budget.

Tried and Tested Methods

We’re nicely Old School here at JAM – that’s because we know what works best.  After all there is rarely a substitute for hard graft on your behalf

Inside the Tent

JAM are team players – just think of us as YOUR team, completely integrated and working to grow YOUR business as if it is our own.


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Just Add Sales

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Senior Account Management
  • Interim Management
  • Category Management
  • Coaching and Leadership Mentoring
  • Enhancing Presentation Skills


Tasty Business Results

JUSTADDMAYO has a number of specialist business services
which can be added to your business as and when required.



Improve Your Communications!

Maximise Your Business Profile:

  • Trade Press Relations
  • Consumer Publications & Features
  • Media Advert Design & Buying
  • Add a Press Office
  • Social Media

Development Workshops & Mentoring

JAM loves to share knowledge!

Check out our Growth Workshop programmes.

We have run specialist SME business development programmes and food study tours for:

  • Bord Bia
  • Invest Northern Ireland
  • Opportunity North-East (ONE)

Just Add Tickets

JAM has its own virtual box office for music and community charity events.


Running since 2012 – we are delighted to have helped support the following organisations:



  • The Band of Royal Air Force College Cranwell
  • Echo 42 Big Band
  • Wigan International Jazz Festival
  • HOPS
  • Harrogate District Hospital Trust
  • Harrogate Dance Festival & Vintage Fair

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Design, Websites & E-Commerce

Need a website that won’t break the budget and will really get your message out there?

Need an E-Commerce site to sell your products?

Trade exhibition! – need flyers or banners?

We’ll be happy to help you create whatever you need to boost your brand awareness,
making your business communications consistent, cost effective and a site that you can be proud of.


JAM Studio is here to help…


Call us now! +44 (0)1733 961052‬


a quick taste of what JAM does…


JAM (Just Add Mayo) LLP is a specialist partnership business focused to deliver help and support to companies looking for real growth.

Since 2004, JAM has helped many brands to develop, assisted start-ups and established companies move into new market sectors. We are food & drink specialists working across various sectors of the food industry.  Whilst UK based, JAM has an international client reach – rather impressive for a specialist business of our modest size.

JAM’s team comprises of individuals with years of highly relevant and current practical experience.  We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly get on with the project task and build lasting commercial relationships.   Perhaps it’s not such a surprise to know that many of our clients still remain with us. We think it is because we are direct and able to overcome tricky business situations with good humour, integrity and ultimately because we get the job done.

JAM team members are located across the UK and typically home office based, coming together as required, to work as a combined project team as required.

Why not meet the team…?

[email protected]



This is how We do what We do


Our Methodology

(if you want us to sound fancy)

  • 1.

  • 2.

First Contact

Sticky business problem?

Once we hear from you – we’re keen to find out how we can help.

No obligation at our first discussion meeting with you.

It’s a chance for both of us to get to the heart of the issue
So you can understand how we work – and of course, if you like us

After all – we are a people business!

JAM has never advertised
ALL our work is from word of mouth recommendation

Discussion & Project Brief

We’ll get to the real essence of what you and your business needs – short & long term.

We’ll ask you some pretty searching questions about your business;

  • Business and personal values
  • Desired business outcomes
  • Business capabilities (incl people)
  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Business & product USPs

These are a few of the core areas we want to understand so we can cook up a cost-effective plan for you.

  • 3.

  • 4.

  • 5.

Planning & Preparation

Now we’ve gathered the key facts and understand your feelings about your business and your objectives – we go away to prepare a plan to discuss and agree this with you.


Time to get on with the business project task – we’ve agreed a mutual time-plan and we make sure you’re as involved as you want to be.

Report & Review

Keeping you informed is critical – what’s going well and what needs improvement (or a revision to the plan). WE keep a close eye on the project objective and adjust as required to ensure that we deliver on our promise.


New Viscount House, 2 Fishers Close, STILTON, Cambridgeshire, PE7 2XP UNITED KINGDOM

+44 (0)1733 961052‬

Mon. - Fri. 08:30 - 17:30


Why not drop us a line – we don’t bite!

We may well be just the tonic your business needs.

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