Delighted to have worked extensively for this client – Initial market research phase into why this retail category leading player had been unable to sustain a viable Foodservice business.

Targeted customer contact research (Qualitative & Quantitative) produced compelling insights for Florette.

Next phase was to build a JAM field team of 4 to be the Florette UK Foodservice team.  JAM quickly converted one of the UK’s major Foodservice wholesalers to sole supply (removing the 2 incumbent suppliers) and built a sizable Group and Independent end user business.

JAM handled all aspects of growing this business with the Florette team – working as one combined team.  Over a period of 4 year built the business unit to enable clinet to recruit a full time sales team, which we helped train.

We continued to work closely, handling all trade marketing and working on new projects.


Market Research

Desk combined with targeted field work to really understand why Florette had be previously unsuccessful in this market sector.

Account Managment (Sales Team)

Deployed JAM team of 4 experienced account managers to open doors